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Sparkling Pegasus: An Inside Look

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Hi I'm Larry Vince, a journalist with Weazel News. In a new series, An Inside Look, I aim to give the citizens of El Reno a sneak peek on what a day in the life of an El Reno worker would be. This first individual is a very hard working individual, holding many different roles, and basically running the business. This is Scarlett Upton, Lead Dancer, Manager of Bar, and Event Coordinator of the Sparkling Pegasus. Scarlet had a very interesting story to tell, but I also was to provide a chance to get to know her. Scarlett is a huge Harley Davidson lover, and in off time can often be found riding her motorcycle. When she is not doing that she will be found hanging out with her family, and chilling at the Piranha Bar with her partner, Rooster Barbosa. Scarlett expressed she was very grateful, and fortunate to find love at career she enjoys, like the best of both worlds. Scarlett has been an El Reno citizen for quite some time, and really wants to see more positivity in the city. Scarlett wants to see a reduction in crime. I can testify that during my time there a lot was going on. It seemed like every few minutes you heard police sirens, or saw police cruisers on chases. Through all that Scarlett managed to provide a good experience to her customers, and myself during the interview, but Scarlett shared some disturbing things with me. Scarlett at the end of the day only asks for more acceptance, which is I think is fair when she has been discriminated against by an officer. It is unnerving that we have an on-duty officer, still under city payroll, has walked into the business establishment and name called, using words like whore, and acted aggressively towards employees. Even after the owner kicked him out, he continued to slander the dancers and business. Scarlett was nice enough to ask me not to include the officers name in the article, but simply desires more acceptance especially from someone who is supposed to be a peace keeper. Scarlett believes the career as a dancer is very empowering for women, and doesn't want her or her dancers to be stereo typed for it. This is not a lot to ask, if you have been inside the club you should know the facility is kept very clean, and professional. Open your mind, and go have a good time. Now to dive more into the role itself, Scarlett has been in the business for a long time, so working at Sparkling Pegasus came naturally for her. This is not only because of the dancing she takes pride in her great customer service, but wants it known she is not going to take any shit. She is very heavy into protecting the employees, and patrons of the club, and is very knowledgeable in mixology. The Sparkling Pegasus is hiring for all kinds of roles, and offers the benefits of working in accepting, fun music filled environment, and if you're a dancer will having a perfect opportunity for exercise. Scarlett is looking for dedicated Dancers, Bartenders, and Security. Pegasus also wants community feedback! They would love to host more events that the community would like to see. The employees aim to host a fun, and safe space, and ask that personal beefs stay at the door, and Scarlett promises that if you bring your street beefs with you, it will get shut down, and taken care of quickly. The Pegasus is aware that the diversity of clients can cause problems, but they do not want that in the club. As I've stated previously in my time at the club I can promise I had a good time, and the interior is clean, and professional. I recommend the whiskey. That's all I have for this one guys, if you need a job, or a fun time the Pegasus is another great business to fulfill your needs. Stay Safe!

interview conducted August 14th, 2021

Larry Vince, Weazel News Journalist, 3104488187

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