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  1. Hey there Mr. Vince! Thank you for the article with the Quarry it really shows how it works and its benefits. -Lt. Thompson 338 Alpine Beach MCSO Office
  2. Time to blow some shit up! Come on up to the Quarry at postal 962 and head deep into it in the far back. You will find that they leave you some C4 to blow out large chunks of stone to mine. Place it and RUN and do not look back. Once you blow that shit up. get the jackhammer and get to work! Load all that stone up (Its heavy) and head on over to postal 1053 and wash the stones first. Now this is important, if you have gun powder on you just wash it off first then wash the stones okay? You will get stuck at the dock if you do not do this. After you wash the stone you will take it to the porch just across the way and process it and bam! you are done. Come on down to postal 392 to sell most material you get! Little secret (You can sell a lot of material here)
  3. Want to do some diving? Maybe make some money? Then come on down to the pier at postal 611 and find this shop called "The Sea Word" and walk right up to get yourself some scuba gear! Once you have collected your gear look on your Map and find a diving spot somewhere along the coast of the New Malverne State. Now do understand you will have to put this scuba gear, and to get it off you will have to think about /wetsuit to get it off. Once you dip into the water you will find the coral all on the bottom of the ocean and you can pick it up! Once you have gotten the Coral head back to "The Sea Word" on the pier at postal 611 and sell!
  4. Time to milk some cows! Come on up to Leesburg to postal 2026 and get a bucket and start milking! Walk right up and start milking away, but keep in mind they do walk around so they may be a little annoying to milk sometimes! Head on up the road to the farm house at the same postal and start to produce the milk into packs, you will need about 6 buckets worth to make one pack. Now that you have the milk packs head on down to postal 172 in El Reno city and sell at Bay door 5! Once again be that hero!
  5. Want to catch some chickens? Come on up to postal 2025 and check out his cool pen. Ready your self as they are fast and do not like to be caught! Once you get some chickens make your way up to Alpine Beach postal 3013 to this big clucken bell factory to slaughter and portion the chickens. Once you are inside head to the back and start to portion the chickens. Then head over to the conveyor belt and start to pack them! Once you're done with the messy part, its time for the money part! Head on down into El Reno city to Postal 333 and go to burger shot to sell them chickens!
  6. Want to get some oranges and make a little bit of money? Come on up to postal 3027 here in Alpine Beach and start picking them out the trees! After you collect a lot of them oranges come on down to Leesburg Postal 2023 to pack them into a box and have them ready for sale! (You will need 11 oranges to make one full box!) Once you are done packing them head on down into El Reno City to Postal 172 to sell them at a garage bay door with the number 5 on it. Now be a hero and sell me more food..
  7. Want to get some hunting in? Come on down to Great Ocean Highway near mile marker 11 right on Bell's Pass! (Not named after me Jerry Obell) Once you get up this way make sure you're prepared with a few things One knife (For skinning) Some type of firearm (To hunt) Pocket Space! Now take mind that these Deer's like to wonder onto the highway, I usually let the cars take care of the shooting part Now that you have started to hunt the park ranger will give you a mobile GPS that tracks the local wild life that needs to be cleared out. Take mind they do wander around and will move from place to place. Now that you tracked one of them deers down, get ya lucky knife out and start cutting away to get its meat and hide! (Now don't you go and tell them cops I got this here rifle) Once you have the meat and leather take it to the factory at postal 3021 here in alpine and sell it and be a true superhero! #Savethehungrylikeme
  8. Get ready! July 17th 2021 is the date when Romano's is officially hosting its Grand Re Opening Event! We will offer Great food and service to anyone who comes to the Pizzeria dressed up real nice! With that being said, if you show up in fancy clothing you will get a discount! But if you do not you will get charged normal price! Show your support for your favorite cop and pizza maker! The event has been posted on the Forum's calendar and will be posted more thorough out the week!
  9. Come on down to postal 210 for the official grand re opening of Romano's! The building is under new ownership and has even better prices than it did before! Now this is nothing big but uh.. Romano's may be haunted by a ghost that we expect to be Luca Romano himself but we are unsure!
  10. Hello Marta! I will be in city today from 6pm-3am EST so let me know if you would like to speak today! I am also able to manage other days if you wish
  11. we can set you up with an interview on the 7th at 6pm Est.
  12. Hey all! I am the new and proud owner of the Romano's Pizzeria and just noticed I do not have any workers! I will be looking for new staff for the following positions to run the pizza place with me. One Manager (Interview required with some experience) Two Cooks (Interview required with some experience) One or Two Pizza Delivery Persons! (Will be riding a bike if within the city of El Reno, But will use Moped if out in county) The Manger will help me run the place while I am away and will earn a good bit of money per paycheck and the bonus checks if they do the job correctly. The cooks will make sure we are stocked with food and ingredients at all times and will take orders to cook in the back for that fresh quality. Cooks will also earn bonus checks depending on there job quality they provide. Pizza Delivery Persons will make delivery of orders made by the cooks to be sent out to the ones who ordered it. This Part of the job is a bit more harsh as we deliver in all types of weather and will come with a great attitude! Pizza Delivery Persons will be the primary for bonus checks as this is the more taxing part of the jobs. Bonus checks notice: These checks are completely up to the Owner and Manager on what gets paid out and who gets them. If you do not do your job then you will not get the money. If you wish to get your life together and work an honest job please let me know in this post! I can set up interviews at any time through out the days and mornings.
  13. Good to see you interested in LockNLoad employment, When can we set up a meeting?
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