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  1. Come on down to postal 210 for the official grand re opening of Romano's! The building is under new ownership and has even better prices than it did before! Now this is nothing big but uh.. Romano's may be haunted by a ghost that we expect to be Luca Romano himself but we are unsure!
  2. They are teaching everyone well!
  3. Persistedkiller

    Mars and Hera

    They might get their tazers...
  4. Persistedkiller

    Captain Dawson

    The man himself.
  5. Dogs are in class to learn how to use tazers....

    © Fuck off I took it! (Persistedkiller)

  6. Persistedkiller


    Mars is the oldest one we have so far. Mars has proven to me I can trust him with my life.
  7. Persistedkiller


    Hera is brand-new to the K-9 gang and has to prove to me she is good at protecting me and the others.
  8. She has a lot to learn but has shown me I can trust her.
  9. Persistedkiller

    Mr. ElDiablo

    2-0 is the score for now! But wait for Mars when it hits 2-1.
  10. Met some cool guys with Mars at this small Car Meet.

    © Me foo I took It

  11. Yeah.. I've been trying to get him a twitter account to kinda spread awareness of our K-9 and how he wont bite you if you don't run lmao. Other than that he has had a hard time knowing when he is off duty or on duty.
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