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  3. Location: Piranha Bar Postal: 949 Expectations: -Cook bar food at time of order -Work with co-workers to provide a service -Keep kitchen clean -Keep inventory and stock on supplies needed Date: Name: Phone Number: Pass experience(Where/Date starting and ending): Contact Jay Oyama at 1569325155 for any questions
  4. -Must have a education Level of education:________________ -Must have experience Experience: _________________________ Start Date:____________ End Date:____________ _________________________ Start Date:____________ End Date:____________ _________________________ Start Date:____________ End Date:____________ Contact me here by leaving your name and phone number or call 1569325155
  5. Hi I'm Larry Vince, a journalist with Weazel News. In a new series, An Inside Look, I aim to give the citizens of El Reno a sneak peek on what a day in the life of an El Reno worker would be. This first individual is a very hard working individual, holding many different roles, and basically running the business. This is Scarlett Upton, Lead Dancer, Manager of Bar, and Event Coordinator of the Sparkling Pegasus. Scarlet had a very interesting story to tell, but I also was to provide a chance to get to know her. Scarlett is a huge Harley Davidson lover, and in off time can often be found riding her motorcycle. When she is not doing that she will be found hanging out with her family, and chilling at the Piranha Bar with her partner, Rooster Barbosa. Scarlett expressed she was very grateful, and fortunate to find love at career she enjoys, like the best of both worlds. Scarlett has been an El Reno citizen for quite some time, and really wants to see more positivity in the city. Scarlett wants to see a reduction in crime. I can testify that during my time there a lot was going on. It seemed like every few minutes you heard police sirens, or saw police cruisers on chases. Through all that Scarlett managed to provide a good experience to her customers, and myself during the interview, but Scarlett shared some disturbing things with me. Scarlett at the end of the day only asks for more acceptance, which is I think is fair when she has been discriminated against by an officer. It is unnerving that we have an on-duty officer, still under city payroll, has walked into the business establishment and name called, using words like whore, and acted aggressively towards employees. Even after the owner kicked him out, he continued to slander the dancers and business. Scarlett was nice enough to ask me not to include the officers name in the article, but simply desires more acceptance especially from someone who is supposed to be a peace keeper. Scarlett believes the career as a dancer is very empowering for women, and doesn't want her or her dancers to be stereo typed for it. This is not a lot to ask, if you have been inside the club you should know the facility is kept very clean, and professional. Open your mind, and go have a good time. Now to dive more into the role itself, Scarlett has been in the business for a long time, so working at Sparkling Pegasus came naturally for her. This is not only because of the dancing she takes pride in her great customer service, but wants it known she is not going to take any shit. She is very heavy into protecting the employees, and patrons of the club, and is very knowledgeable in mixology. The Sparkling Pegasus is hiring for all kinds of roles, and offers the benefits of working in accepting, fun music filled environment, and if you're a dancer will having a perfect opportunity for exercise. Scarlett is looking for dedicated Dancers, Bartenders, and Security. Pegasus also wants community feedback! They would love to host more events that the community would like to see. The employees aim to host a fun, and safe space, and ask that personal beefs stay at the door, and Scarlett promises that if you bring your street beefs with you, it will get shut down, and taken care of quickly. The Pegasus is aware that the diversity of clients can cause problems, but they do not want that in the club. As I've stated previously in my time at the club I can promise I had a good time, and the interior is clean, and professional. I recommend the whiskey. That's all I have for this one guys, if you need a job, or a fun time the Pegasus is another great business to fulfill your needs. Stay Safe! interview conducted August 14th, 2021 Larry Vince, Weazel News Journalist, 3104488187
  6. Hi, I'm Larry Vince, journalist with Weazel News, in the series, An El Reno Business, I aim to journey through the city of El Reno talking to business owners, and employees in hopes of giving the citizens a more personable look inside the business that they will patron. On August 14th, 2021, I met with El Reno Citizen, and owner of Bahama Mamas, Marcus Sweet. Let me tell you right away the building is beautiful, if you have not gone to Bahama Mamas make sure you do as soon as possible. Sweet is a very driven individual, and takes pride in his business, but let's get to know him a little outside of Bahama Mamas. When he isn't working you can find him spending time, and supporting his friends, Jay Oyama (owner of piranha bar), Oscar Freeman (owner of freeman's car wash), Rooster Barbosa, and Scarlet Upton (Owner, and Lead Manager and Dancer of sparkling pegasus). Sweet is also a car enthusiast, owning a variety of cars, his favorite being his 2016 Nissan GTR, which he got the work done at Sophia's Auto Shop off of Atla Street. Sweet also loves to bowl at the facility off of Las Lagunas Blvd. When asked what positive changes he'd like to see in El Reno, he stated he'd like to see a reduction in crime, and more businesses. When talking about businesses Sweet stated "I know people out there have crazy ideas, and I think they should follow them." Now that you've gotten to know Mr. Sweet, let's talk about Bahamas Mamas, soon to be rebranded to Sweet's Retreat, as I stated previously the facility is fantastic, as was the hospitality. When it is open you must go see for yourself. Bahama Mamas is located between postals 627, and 628, on the corner of intersection of Marathon Avenue, and Promenade Street. Sweet made the decision on the area because he loves the scenery, with the beach so close by, and aspires to host Bahama Mamas beach parties in the future. Sweet also noticed there wasn't a lot of traffic to the area, so he wanted to give the people of El Reno a perfect opportunity to patronize the area. The Grand Opening took place Sunday August 8th, 2021. Sweet said he was very happy with the turn out, and enjoyed seeing familiar, and new faces. El Reno really banded together as well for the opening with Lune Love of the Eclipse Corporation dealing with the advertising, and planning, as well as Sparkling Pegasus, and Piranha Bar catering the event. Jay Oyama himself even performed as a the DJ for the event. Bahama Mamas is still in the process of getting their menu, so Sweet of course was very grateful for the help, Sparkling Pegasus even agreed to cater until the menu is complete. When Bahamas Menu does come out, you can expect a decent variety of alcohol, a few food items, and a couple non-alcoholic drinks as well. Bahama Mamas currently has three employees, and is looking to hire a fourth. Sweet decided to become a business owner because he wanted to see El Reno more lively, and felt there wasn't really a good place to hang out and party in a club manner. Sweet's mission and future goals remain ambitious, he wishes to continue to expand, and to provide a fun safe place for the citizens El Reno to come and party. Let's be honest we all love to party, and Marcus Sweet has certainly provided a great place to do so.
  7. Arthur Rutherson, 66, of El Reno, New Malverne, passed August 14th, 2021 of severe cardiac arrest. Arthur was predeceased by his parents, Thomas, and Sarah. Arthur had no siblings, and has no known living family. Arthur was an employee for Lock N, Load, which is where he spent most of his time. If he wasn't there you would find him driving country roads in his old Ford F-150. Arthur was a gun enthusiast, but a kind soul, wasn't a fan of violence. Arthur holds to be memorable for the rather impressive beard he had grown, he was always very proud of it. Arthur will not be having a service, as he was never one to like a lot of attention in life, he was a very quiet man. He will be cremated, and his ashes will be spread at the North Point in Alpine Beach.
  8. Hello, I'm interested in applying for a position at your establishment! My name is Eric Graves. Recently moved into the city. I am available any time. Thanks. E. Graves
  9. Hey there Mr. Vince! Thank you for the article with the Quarry it really shows how it works and its benefits. -Lt. Thompson 338 Alpine Beach MCSO Office
  10. I'm Larry Vince, last week I spent time with the ladies and gentlemen at the Davis Quartz Quarry, I worked with them and they showed me what a days work in the quarry entails. Now I'm bringing my experience to the rest of El Reno to give you a window of insight on the job before you do it. I do encourage every citizen of El Reno to try it for the experience of you're not afraid of a dirty job. The work is hard, make sure to bring a lunch, and keep hydrated because you will have to go to the next town over for the nearest store. The transit is decent, and there is not much city driving. However before you leave the city you'll want to make sure you have a vehicle capable of hauling a heavy load to get any bang for your buck. When you get ready to hit the road, and plug the address into your GPS it will take you to the wrong location slightly, you're going to want to go where you see the generators and the work lights. The guys and gals up there work very hard for safety, however you will be working with explosives, once you plant run to the other side to the trail, plug your ears, and look forward. When the stone breaks free, take your jackhammer and break it apart. The workers weighed the stones, and after broken apart the stones with weigh around three pounds a piece. To be most efficient you'll want to collect to around ten stones before taking them back to your vehicle. If you took my advice and brought a vehicle capable of hauling a lot of weight you'll be able to fit around forty stones in your vehicle before moving on. I found that you can collect stone as fast as your work, but stay safe as the location is not one of the easiest to reach for medical aid. Once you're done, the city has it posted in it career center page on the city website of a great location for washing the stone you have collected, and get ready to get wet! When you arrive you might want to back up your vehicle to the boat house on the water, and much like when loading into the vehicle, you'll want to unload and wash ten stones at a time. You'll need to take your time to wash these stones to really get the excess sediment off. Lucky for you the building across from the boathouse has everything you'll need to process the stone, and the owners are fine with you using it. Once processed is when you'll start reaping the rewards of your hard work, and the fun part is you never know what you'll find inside your stones. I can tell you in my experience I only got sellable resources after processing, and the most exciting is when you find diamonds, and emeralds! Once everything is processed head back into El Reno and head to postal 392. When I went I was offered $188 for each diamond, and $43 for each emerald. After selling everything I collected I made $2300, keep in mind you'll all find different resources during your work, so profits will vary. The whole process took me 30-45 minutes, times will vary due to work speed, and traffic. To be most safe, and effective I'll include a checklist of things you should bring to the job site before leaving the city. Safety Glasses Ear plugs, or protection Heavyweight work clothes Steel toe boots Work gloves High visibility clothes Food & Water Vehicle with hauling capability Disclaimer: everything included in this article is my personal experience, results may vary for the individual.
  11. Hi, it's Larry Vince again, I am a news reporter for Weazel News. I am on a venture to meet with business owners around El Reno to help you, the citizens of El Reno, get a chance to know them, and their business. A couple days I met with El Reno's very own Luna Love, owner of the Eclipse Corporation, as well as a paramedic, AND surgeon for Pillbox Hospital. Luna works very hard to help keep the citizens of El Reno in good health, as we all know violence is big in the city right now. Luna mostly see common gun shots, and broken legs, and always strives to see you walk out the front doors in good health. As we could all expect, Luna stated the hardest part of her job is the ones the didn't get saved. Luna seemed to be in good spirit when talking about her passion with the Eclipse Corporation. Luna is newly engaged to Lieutenant Harold Thompson of MCSO, co-owner of Lock N' Load, and new owner of Romano's Pizza. In Luna's free time she enjoys going on a ride along, and spending time with her fiance. Let's talk about the Eclipse Corporation. The Eclipse Corporation is the place to go if you need any kind of party, or event planned. Luna strives to make the Eclipse Corporation a place for you to easily make your events without all the stress of doing it yourself. Luna enjoys her work in party planning, and said she probably had the most fun when planning the yacht party. That's not all though, if you are in need of any interior design the Eclipse Corporation can handle that for you as well. Just the same as the party, Luna knows that decorating your home can be hard, and stressful work, but with Luna she will make it a fun and stress free experience. In conclusion, Luna puts a lot of work in to selflessly helping the city of El Reno, and would love your business. She can be best reached on El Reno's forums, or you can reach out to her via phone at number 0638175455. interview conducted July 30th, 2021 Larry Vince, Weazel News, 3104488187
  12. Hi, I'm Larry Vince, I am going around the city and spending time with the dedicated of workers of El Reno learning the jobs available in the city. I have recently spent some time with the hard working ladies, and gentlemen at the quarry. I would like to conduct a brief interview with any citizen that has also done work in the quarry to include in my article. If interested respond here, or send me a message in city at phone number 3102448187. I also post on social media when I am at the news station via social media. Larry Vince, Weazel News, 3104488187
  13. Hi, I'm Larry Vince, news reporter for Weazel News. I'm on a mission to go venture the city of El Reno and talk with business owners to give you an inside look, and to get to know the community around you better! Yesterday I met with the owners of Lock N' Load, Maxwell, and Harold Thompson. Maxwell is a big fan of our second amendment, even went as far as to say the second amendment was his favorite in the constitution, good moral to have if your trade is selling firearms. Maxwell enjoys running Lock N' Load and supplying the citizens of El Reno with their firearm needs. Maxwell in his free time enjoys driving around on his bagger motorcycle, and stated he was not a big fan of parties. Thompson's interests when it comes to Lock N' Load are very similar to Max, and also said he enjoys seeing the citizens of El Reno spend their hard earned cash buying the firearms they want. I bet he does, I would too if i were in his shoes. Thompson is the current owner of Romano's Pizza, and also a lieutenant in the Mercer County Sheriff's Office, and stated he also enjoys pulling citizens over, and handing out tickets. He also expressed a deep passion for keeping the roadways of El Reno safe, and tried to make traffic stops a pleasant experience. The two of them were a pleasure to speak with. Now that you've learned a little about the owners lets talk about Lock N Load! The business has been in El Reno for four months, and in that time has generated around $455,000 in revenue. The business has a firing range, and the fees come reasonably priced, but are subject to change to bring you an even better offer. Thompson believes the range provides a great place for citizens to let out aggression, and help keep violence off the streets. The city of El Reno, and Lock N' Load worked hard to clear out the area, and construct the range, and it shows. Lock N' Load also offers security services and in the future would like to see growth in that part of the business. Thompson and Max believe the security department of Lock N' Load is a great way to show off the hardware they have to offer, and shows that wielding firearms can be protective, and be done with a peaceful force. Lock N' Load currently has two employees, but they are looking for more people to apply to assist with running the store, and so the security department can be properly staffed. The real question stands. Is Lock N Load your one stop shop for all your firearm needs? Max, and Thompson work very hard to use Lock N' Load as an avenue to help arm the citizens of El Reno, so they can better defend themselves. Every weapon sold at Lock N' Load is documented, and that information will be used to help Law Enforcement agencies is needed. Lock N' Load also utilizes a CAD system to perform background check on potential customers, to ensure they're not felons. Felons will not be sold weapons at Lock N' Load in ordinance with El Reno laws. Max and Thompson expressed they show extreme caution when selling to gang affiliates, and all of those individuals are kept on record. The owners also express that they have a deep trust for their employees to do the right thing when they're not there. Thompson stated that criminals will always find a way to acquire firearms. This puts Lock N' Load as your one stop shop for all your firearm needs, if you'd like any defense against the criminals of El Reno. In conclusion these guys are real stand up guys, and work hard to do what they believe is right, and keep El Reno safe. Lock N' Load is located in Alpine Beach at postal 3007, and ask about using their range when you pay them a visit, or even a job application! interview conducted July 30th, 2021 Larry Vince, Weazel News, 3104488187
  14. Rainey Day Security is looking for dedicated employees to fill the following position(s) with a sign on bonus!: Security Officer With room to grow into: Senior Security Officer Security Supervisor We offer competitive pay, with bonuses! Requirements to be considered for a position: Must be 21+ years of age Must be legally allowed to purchase and possess a firearm Must have no felonies or violent misdemeanors on your record Must submit to, and pass, a background check & random drug tests If you meet the above requirements and think you have what it takes, please fill out the following application: Name: Date Of Birth: Email (Discord): Phone Number (IC): Prior Experience (If any):
  15. Time to blow some shit up! Come on up to the Quarry at postal 962 and head deep into it in the far back. You will find that they leave you some C4 to blow out large chunks of stone to mine. Place it and RUN and do not look back. Once you blow that shit up. get the jackhammer and get to work! Load all that stone up (Its heavy) and head on over to postal 1053 and wash the stones first. Now this is important, if you have gun powder on you just wash it off first then wash the stones okay? You will get stuck at the dock if you do not do this. After you wash the stone you will take it to the porch just across the way and process it and bam! you are done. Come on down to postal 392 to sell most material you get! Little secret (You can sell a lot of material here)
  16. Want to do some diving? Maybe make some money? Then come on down to the pier at postal 611 and find this shop called "The Sea Word" and walk right up to get yourself some scuba gear! Once you have collected your gear look on your Map and find a diving spot somewhere along the coast of the New Malverne State. Now do understand you will have to put this scuba gear, and to get it off you will have to think about /wetsuit to get it off. Once you dip into the water you will find the coral all on the bottom of the ocean and you can pick it up! Once you have gotten the Coral head back to "The Sea Word" on the pier at postal 611 and sell!
  17. Time to milk some cows! Come on up to Leesburg to postal 2026 and get a bucket and start milking! Walk right up and start milking away, but keep in mind they do walk around so they may be a little annoying to milk sometimes! Head on up the road to the farm house at the same postal and start to produce the milk into packs, you will need about 6 buckets worth to make one pack. Now that you have the milk packs head on down to postal 172 in El Reno city and sell at Bay door 5! Once again be that hero!
  18. Want to catch some chickens? Come on up to postal 2025 and check out his cool pen. Ready your self as they are fast and do not like to be caught! Once you get some chickens make your way up to Alpine Beach postal 3013 to this big clucken bell factory to slaughter and portion the chickens. Once you are inside head to the back and start to portion the chickens. Then head over to the conveyor belt and start to pack them! Once you're done with the messy part, its time for the money part! Head on down into El Reno city to Postal 333 and go to burger shot to sell them chickens!
  19. Want to get some oranges and make a little bit of money? Come on up to postal 3027 here in Alpine Beach and start picking them out the trees! After you collect a lot of them oranges come on down to Leesburg Postal 2023 to pack them into a box and have them ready for sale! (You will need 11 oranges to make one full box!) Once you are done packing them head on down into El Reno City to Postal 172 to sell them at a garage bay door with the number 5 on it. Now be a hero and sell me more food..
  20. Want to get some hunting in? Come on down to Great Ocean Highway near mile marker 11 right on Bell's Pass! (Not named after me Jerry Obell) Once you get up this way make sure you're prepared with a few things One knife (For skinning) Some type of firearm (To hunt) Pocket Space! Now take mind that these Deer's like to wonder onto the highway, I usually let the cars take care of the shooting part Now that you have started to hunt the park ranger will give you a mobile GPS that tracks the local wild life that needs to be cleared out. Take mind they do wander around and will move from place to place. Now that you tracked one of them deers down, get ya lucky knife out and start cutting away to get its meat and hide! (Now don't you go and tell them cops I got this here rifle) Once you have the meat and leather take it to the factory at postal 3021 here in alpine and sell it and be a true superhero! #Savethehungrylikeme
  21. Get ready! July 17th 2021 is the date when Romano's is officially hosting its Grand Re Opening Event! We will offer Great food and service to anyone who comes to the Pizzeria dressed up real nice! With that being said, if you show up in fancy clothing you will get a discount! But if you do not you will get charged normal price! Show your support for your favorite cop and pizza maker! The event has been posted on the Forum's calendar and will be posted more thorough out the week!
  22. Come on down to postal 210 for the official grand re opening of Romano's! The building is under new ownership and has even better prices than it did before! Now this is nothing big but uh.. Romano's may be haunted by a ghost that we expect to be Luca Romano himself but we are unsure!
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